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it feels like its the right time to begin sharing my musical musings and findings with you again, this time in a more casual nouveau-less context.
in terms of postings, expect electronic gems, indie favorites, house anthems, and the occasional cultural pun. in terms of influences, expect a range from kickin the peanuts to gottadancedirty to Midnight Mauradio to Et Musique Pour Tous.
enjoy at your own leisure.
with love, ari josé

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Dan Black - “U + Me =”

// British electronica has been on a roll and 2k10 seems 2 prove no different.  This time its youngin’ Dan Black, who has been making waves in the UK scene with his sample-aholic tunes that combined with heavy synth action and bright indie pop lyrics make for some pretty fun music.  This is quite evident on the track "U + Me =".

Look 4 him more in the coming yr as he re-releases and non-digitally releases his album UN in the US even tho he’s from the UK (just wanted 2 throw another U_ in).  Nd look 4 him currently as a part of iTunes’ weekly freebies.

Buy the track here: Dan Black - UN - U + Me =

Preview the track here: Dan Black - U + Me = mp3

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Dan Black - “Ecstasy”

» Summer is basically here, and while this song reminds me more of late Summer than today’s technically late Spring days, its one that will surely be part of my summer repertoire.   while it’s not my favorite song from Dan Black's debut album UN, as that title easily goes to "Pump My Pumps", it’s another great effort from this emerging alterna-dance-pop Brit.

Slower than some of his other tracks, this one feels like gliding along a long local road with the sunroof down, or hanging by the pool with friends for a late afternoon siesta before the nighttime party vibe kicks in.  And as Dan Black sings either in reference to the actual drug or just a chill ecstasy-like feeling, ”I want that hot breath of life in me”.

download here

more Dan Black on eogf here